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just a man on the balcony

singing "nobody will ever remember me."

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a pioneer woman without a frontier
11 September 1984
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lisa. 30-something. a. ridiculous. tumblr. twitter.

i'm currently living in boston with 98% of our nation's jerk/fangirl population. unicorns, daleks, dumb indie bands, and cocky thieving boys are the things that get my motor running. i have basically given up on lj, sorry buds.

also i was once eaten by a dinosaur.

...and really bad eggs, accordions, acoustic music, acting like an douchebag, acting like i'm 12, affectionate jersey bashing, albert koetsier, all the minor prophets, anita/edward, ash redfern, avatar: the last airbender, bears that moo, being misha collins' minion, bend it like beckham, bess rogers, big damn heroes, bill zebub, bittersweet endings, buffy the vampire slayer, captain e-bag, chip kidd, christopher pike, classic west wing, common rotation, crafting, daemon sadi, daleks, damion suomi, dan romer, dance fights, disco fries, doctor who, draco and the malfoys, dragon*con, driving around for hours, due south, editing things, everything pete wentz does, fic that breaks hearts, firefly, flailing, frank iero's stupid face, gay incestuous brothers, george cooper, george/kyprioth, george/neal, gingers, ginny & the pygmy puffs, going off on tangents, going to shows, gypsy, harebrained schemes, hating bruce springsteen, having no shame, his dark materials, how books smell, hufflepuff, jazz hands, jenny owen youngs, john green, josie & the pussycats, jughandles, keladry of mindelan, kevin devine, laughing til it hurts, lawn gnomes, lewis/jo, lilly kane, lists, locke lamora, logan/veronica, los campesinos!, lots of pointless polls, lying liars who lie, makin' stuff, markus zusack, matt nathanson, maureen johnson, mike doughty, mocking kl, mummy!ryan ross, my imaginary friends, my love is burning, naked mole-rats in sombreros, national unicorn appreciation day, nerdfighters, never finishing anything, our lady peace, pacey/joey, pamie, park ave cds, partying like it's 1999, paul simon, pearl jam, pete wentz's chocolate vagina, pinkie pie's one pony band, pissing people off, polka dots, possibly incestuous amnesiac ust, project runway, purple penguins, rachel caine, randy (cos she's dandy), rediscovering awesome music, ron stoppable, ron/draco, ron/hermione, ron/hermione/draco, ronnie weasley, sabetha belacoros, sand beneath my toes, sarcasm, sati, scootaloo, scott lynch, sirius black, sleeping allllllllllll day, snark, staying up til sunrise, surf taco, talking to myself, tamora pierce, taunting stormtroopers with cupcakes, the black jewels trilogy, the fall out boys, the hellblinki sextet, the moments before sleep, the postal service, the remus lupins, those mighty duck fucks, threatening books with fire, thunder league, toby-wan, tomato nation, too-sweet lemonade, unhappy endings, unicorns, unusual ink, ust, veronica mars, very cherry iced tea, wanderlust, wasting time, watching river dance, weather wardens, wishing death upon socrates, wizard rock, writing pointless drivel, yelling at my books, you (just kidding!)

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