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trying to get back into a normal work rhythm this week was kind of awful, especially with the cold and work going from 0-60 all of a sudden. SO SLEEPY. but i managed to get back into it by today, and caught all of my buses and trains without fucking anything up, so yay :D

work is work. idk, i change my mind about it every day. i like the people in my department, but i'm more unimpressed with the management every day. i find the work really intimidating, but i think once i get some more time under my belt i'll be fine. we switched to the new software this week, and there are a lot of things that didn't transfer over right, so it's been a madhouse and i've needed help both with processing and with the software a lot. i'm already better than everyone in my section at the software though, and i'm trying really hard to give myself permission to not do all of the actual processing perfectly and to go slowly and not worry about how far behind we are, so... idk. the hardest part right now is that i'm a know-it-all perfectionist and don't like having to make decisions about stuff. i want to be able to go down a checklist, but a lot of it is about interpreting the info and choosing how to process it. the girl who sits in the cube behind me is nice and helpful but today was finally like "don't worry if it's right, don't wait for a supervisor to tell you what to do, just pick a direction and go, it'll be fine." so i'm trying to do that more instead of getting reassurances every step of the way.

(it's still making me really nervous that i'm putting all of my processed orders into a special folder so they can, presumably, be double-checked before we send out the approvals, but nothing has left that folder all week so i have no idea if any of my work in the new program is right. i'm trying to focus on this as a six month assignment and not worry about if they'll want me after that. also they literally checked my references THIS WEEK, so i should stop assuming they're competent in any way.)

other than that, i've been mainlining leverage (i have so many eliot feelings, what is even happening) and playing animal crossing (finally!!) and being a little mad that my brother is SO GOOD at christmas gifts. he sent me doctor who blank journals that he got at comic-con and a sweet thermos that will brew my tea, AND a bunch of money, and yes, it is not fair at all that he always gets me something perfect and i'm always like "WHAT THE FUCK, HOW DO YOU BUY PRESENTS FOR BOYS?" >:| but i'm going home next week so i'm going to bake him some cookies or something so i can stave off being the worst sibling for a little while longer. (seriously, so perfect, what a jerk.)

(JERSEY NEXT WEEKEND! i have been counting down the days to my pork roll sandwich. also seeing my family or whatever? meh. if anyone wants me to steal some boar's head products for them, let me know. my dad loves nothing more than making me haul a bag of meat across state lines.)
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so many people i know had crappy a crappy 2013, so i'm hoping 2014 will be better to them. i had a pretty great 2013, but when ari read my fortune in the new year's chat it sounded like i'm in for a bumpy year. i don't believe in fortunes but i DO believe that this stuff is cyclical and i haven't had a bad year in a while, so i guess i'll try to keep my head down? idk, sometimes i get nervous about being too happy.

and of course, i don't think i could really be happier with where i am right now though. i miss my friends and family who are far away, but i love everyone in boston a lot, and i love the city SO MUCH. sometimes when i'm walking home at night or waking up too early for work i'll just look at the sky and the buildings and the city in general and be overwhelmed by how in love i am. when i first moved to orlando, i was talking to ashley about how i might someday love orlando, but it would never be HOME. i've only been here for three months and i already can't imagine ever living anywhere else.

and after a kind of crappy christmas (i don't have to worry about bringing other people down now that it's over so: i was really sad about not going home for christmas. i wasn't lying that i usually am pretty happy about spending it alone, but i was just bummed about the whole thing this year) i had a great new year. on tuesday i had a half day, so i did some grocery shopping and then napped/watched leverage for a while. then nomie and i did snacky foods and booze and i wrote some dumb fic while she watched mulan, and i hung out in the gbchat for a while. yesterday we went to cardigan central for brunch, and we all happened to look cute as fuck. good food! funny people! jerk games! i had a headache when we got home, so i went to bed early and napped/watched more leverage.

i have off work today for a dumb reason, which i'm still kind of cranky about. but sleeping in was nice, and i'm happy to be in bed in pjs instead of dealing with getting home in the snow. and we're closed tomorrow, so i might as well try to enjoy this stupid 5 day weekend by being over-caffeinated and watching too much tv. (once i finish watching leverage i can go look for all the eliot/parker/hardison fic!)
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so, i have a job! it's a longterm temp gig at an insurance company doing customer service for providers. everyone seems really nice and like they genuinely enjoy coming to work (?!) and the company seems to treat everyone pretty well?? so that's all strange. the hours could be better (8-4, out in quincy) and so could the pay, but the dress code seems to not exist and the hours are weird enough that the trains aren't packed, so. job! hooray!

and we decorated for christmas! some of my decorations are up on my crafty blog thing and i am PRETTY PLEASED with how they came out. i have a couple more in the works, and some other crafty things i need to get to work on for christmas! (and i need to get electricity to the other side of my room so i can start sewing again.)

AND i saw max and sherri this week! well, mostly max. i went late in an effort to miss matt pryor's terrible set, but no dice :/ max is still pretty great though! and max and sherri are still the cutest! and dudes in the crowd have begun yelling "YOUR BABY IS ADORABLE" instead of like, song requests, which is A++. (i am still REALLY HAPPY that max played "i got your money" because !!!) (he also let the crowd choose his last song, and the consensus was on "a walk through hell" EXCEPT it ended up being the most exuberant and triumphant version of that song i have ever heard! so good.) (andddd i think this was my first time seeing max/say anything where he DIDN'T play "alive with the glory of love" which is pretty weird?? lots of good songs that he never plays though. he said he's been trying to switch up the solo setlists a little more.)

OH AND BOOKS: i really loved the raven boys despite its structural problems, half world is dark but really interesting and original middlegrade/younger ya, and i am currently reading code name verity and in love with everyone?? so that will end well, i'm sure.
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the kevin devine show last weekend was great! i love seeing the last night of a long tour, which almost never happened in orlando cos who the hell ends a tour a million miles from everything? nobody, that's who. but the bands were all really loopy and silly and having a blast, kd did a lot of dancing and sang/rapped a great covers medley with all of the other bands and gave himself a case of the giggles, and basically everyone was adorable.

and i liked the brighton music hall! it's a nice size, the sound was great, and it's really easy to get to. seriously lacking in a disco ball though, i don't know how to cope with venues that don't have a disco ball anymore. (maybe this is why bands were always so surprised/delighted whenever it popped on during their sets at the social?)

and then i went to the rainbow rowell / david levithan / two other guys reading/signing! i didn't even stay for the signing, it was so crowded. which sucks, but i might just email rainbow rowell all of my feelings and call it a day. she read from both e&p and fangirl and talked a bit about having "non-traditional" narrators in eleanor (chubby!), park (asian!), and cath (a college student!) and how much they've all ended up meaning to her fans, which she didn't really anticipate. she's also writing a simon snow book but she doesn't think she'll be able to convince anyone to publish it so she said she might just stick it on the internet, heh. david's working on a companion book to every day told from the girl's POV and there was a lot of excitement in the audience, which i just don't get? every day didn't work for me at all, and the love story felt really false. but whatever. the other guys were okay, but their books didn't really appeal to me.

then on wednesday i hauled myself out to norwood for a ten minute interview that might not even matter now cos i got a different (not as good) job offer on my way back?? so at least i have a job, even if the pay isn't great and it's out in quincy and it's not full time for the first 4-6 weeks. but i'm still hoping that i get a second interview for that other job monday and that they offer me the job (also on monday) because otherwise i'm accepting the less good job monday afternoon. and like, (a) i want the better job, but also (b) i paid $20 to drag my ass to norwood in the pouring rain 1.5 hours before my ten minute interview because they literally just needed to make a copy of my license, and i did it all on less than two hours of sleep, so I WANT THAT SHIT TO PAY OFF.

then on THURSDAY i went to friendsgiving! and laughed at a dumb cat and ate good food and like, made new friends or whatever?? but mostly the cat thing, god i love stupid pets. but i got to hang out with becca and meet tina and decklin and it was a lot of fun!

today i cleaned a little but then mostly sat in the gentlemen bastards weekly chat (3 of us take turns modding it, and as resident old person in this fandom i am by far the worst mod) and listened to death cab to make myself happy/sad. (i also spent the day going to every clothing website i like, opening everything i wanted to buy in a new tab, clicking through my million tabs over and over, and then closing them all when i decided i didn't need to buy new clothes. until ten minutes later when i would pick a new site and do it again. i didn't buy anything BUT i might go to target to look at coats tomorrow. i would like a coat that is a little longer/heavier, i think. maybe also some gloves that cover my fingers, and possibly some black boots. i can't justify my I GOT A JOB! reward unless i get the better job, but having a job means i can buy myself a couple of new winter things at least.)
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temping at MIT last week kind of sucked, in that it was boring and really frustrating because the whole thing was managed poorly and was just really inefficient? i got a lot of reading done and flirted with a cute boy for a while and got paid to do it, but it was generally pretty dumb and i was happy when it ended because my crankiness was starting to show.

and then this week i had an interview for a receptionist position at some big management firm. the interview went really well, the salary was what i was asking, the job sounded great, the hr rep called the temp agency lady to tell her how friendly i was and what a good fit i'd be with their company...except they hired someone else right after my interview. (the other person was on her second interview, the hr rep didn't do the hiring.) so...that's frustrating and discouraging. the lady from the temp agency said they would keep me in mind for other openings and that she would keep an eye out for other companies for me as well, but now the other person i was working with at PSG (the one who got me the temp work last week) isn't calling me back and the guy from the first agency (who sounded REALLY PROMISING and who i talked up to everyone because he treated me so well) isn't returning my emails. i'm going to call them both tomorrow and see what's going on.

(i probably wouldn't even be so upset about the whole thing except my car isn't selling and i'm going to have to take a huge hit on the price to get rid of it, if it'll even sell this close to christmas. we're also getting into the longest i've been unemployed since i was 13, and i'm having a hard time managing my own schedule. like, i manage to get up and apply for jobs every day, but that's about all i'm getting done. (unless we're counting mainlining the office as an accomplishment, which we should not do.) AND i'm going to need to buy tickets home for christmas soon, so it would be nice to have an idea of what's going on. ARGH.)

ON THE PLUS SIDE, sunday is the kevin devine show (my first concert in boston!) and monday night is rainbow rowell and david levithan at some bookstore and thursday is friendsgiving. my mom wanted to know if we're going to plymouth rock and eating with pilgrims, because weirdness is genetic.
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ikea finally brought my bed! i had a lot of trouble assembling it and everything was kind of awful, but now it's set up and i have a bed and things are great. and today i built my bookcases and unpacked all of my books and a lot of my knicknacks, so it's starting to feel more like home and less like i'm living in a storage room. tomorrow i'm going to try to unpack everything else and maybe build my desk? if i have time. and then i'm pretty much all moved in? :D? :D?

so last week was pretty terrible because of the whole bed situation and my continuing inability to sleep, but on friday i went to see thor 2 with kait and margaret and nomie. i didn't really like the first thor and didn't much care about going to see this one except i will prob see any/every mcu movie and i like hanging out with my friends, but i ended up loving it?? i can't get over how funny it was, and how it was often more about jane than thor, and how they finally wrote loki in a way that didn't make me want to set him on fire just to keep myself awake. so yeah, i had a lot of fun, and i just generally had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone because ~friends~!

and then yesterday i went to brunch with karen and then we saw ender's game. idk how someone who has never read the books would feel about it, but from someone who found the books to be LIFE-CHANGING it's a really weird movie. like, on top of all the dumb plot shit that doesn't make any sense, i will never get over the complete rewrite on petra's character to make her more nurturing and compassionate. petra would stab you in the face for that characterization.

i came home and was SO TIRED and went to bed at 8, but since i couldn't fall asleep right away i decided to read a little bit more of fangirl by rainbow rowell and then i was up til 1:30am crying over how perfect it is. Collapse )

i also have temp work at MIT for two days next week, and i'm really nervous about getting lost because there will be buses involved and buses freak me out? idk why they make me so much more nervous than trains, but they do. (it's probably because i have a lot more potential to get seriously lost with buses. but it'll be fine. dumb freshmen figure this out every year, i can manage.)
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all three job interviews this week went well, but i'm going to go with the guy from the first temp agency because he was really friendly and helpful and i think he'll be interested in finding me something i like.

i wrote up a whole long thing about it all but basically i had a mini-meltdown after the first two interviews and everything was the worst. and then yesterday i got into an argument with ikea (still no bed, THANKS IKEA) and freaked out about that for a while. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP IN MY BED AND UNPACK MY BOXES :(

ANYWAY, i also saw a preview showing of the book thief with kait and her friend becky, and it was great, unsurprisingly. the whole cast just nails it, and we cried for basically the entire movie. i can't wait until more people see it so we can talk about it!

then today i went down to michaels for some discount halloween decorations (SCORE, everything was already 80% off) and a silly looking turkey to hang on our door. i ended up getting a package of build-your-own foam turkeys and we're just gonna decorate them all as silly superheroes. (and one will have to be a uniturkey cos national unicorn day is ALMOST HERE.) i already made a thor, but i can't find my glue for the googly eyes :( i've never had a front door that was inside a building, so i'm excited for all the weird decorations we're going to put on it. after the turkeys we're going to get a snowman and then just decorate him for various holidays. i can't wait to make him a george washington wig, you guys.
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life lesson: do not buy tools in the dollar section at target.

pink polka dots are less important than a screwdriver that will not get eaten by ikea furniture. i guess.

i'm taking a break from doing that to reread a job listing that i have an interview for tomorrow. (i'm up to three interviews for the week! two with temp agencies and one with an actual employer.) the two interviews i have tomorrow are literally 30 seconds from each other (according to gmaps) and the one with the actual employer is the first thing i applied for. i'm really excited because it sounds like a good fit for me, and it's all stuff i have a fair amount of experience in, except for taking minutes at meetings? i always avoided the role of secretary in every organization i've ever been in because that's not really my skill set, but if there's one thing i've learned in the last 6 years it's that my below average is at least at the normal worker's average, so i should be fine. /cocky (i will accept any and all minute taking tips if this works out though :D?)

in other news, ikea brought the furniture! except they didn't give me one of the boxes for my bed! so i've only assembled my desk chair and 1.5 kitchen chairs and my headboard, so far. i can't really do the rest of my bedroom furniture (desk, bookcases) until i can put my mattress into my bed and fill up the underbed storage and get rid of some of these boxes, unfortunately. on the plus side, they accidentally gave us a dresser? and since they haven't responded to my call all weekend i am leaning closer and closer to keeping it? it matches my bed! and the extra storage will be handy! i assume my willingness to keep it is why i don't have all the boxes for my bed (karma!) so i might as well follow through on that.

yesterday i was tired and crampy and couldn't be bothered to do anything, but i'm feeling much better today and i'm excited about the interviews tomorrow. extra excited that the one with the agency is first, since that guy has already told me it's okay to just call him if i get lost, so i'm less worried about impressing him. oh, but i need to go through and find a better purse to carry than my messenger bag. hm. (also excited about finally wearing my dress from eshakti out. cute/fancy!)

(ALSO also, living with nomie is predictably great? we spend a lot of time gushing about fictional ladies and she made delicious scones yesterday. woo!)
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i got my new license (well, my fake new license, the real one is in the mail) this week, and my mattress got here today. tomorrow our ikea furniture gets here and i need to build the bed asap because i am very much over the air mattress and my real mattress looks so comfy. after that's all done it's just a matter of figuring out how to hang things on my walls when they're too hard for me to hammer/screw things into them. i'm not worried about damage, but i hate using power tools. hm. and i need to call about some maintenance things still.

and then on monday i have an interview with an agency! they mostly do financial and admin jobs, which is great because i would actually like to move into a more payroll/hr position than customer service, so this might be a good place to start. (i mean, i love customer service, but i feel like that is a lower level job than i want to stay at, and i really enjoyed the payroll, client management, and hr parts of my old job too.) i talked to the guy for a little while when he called this afternoon, and he was friendly and seemed enthusiastic? so fingers crossed for that going well.

i've applied for a few other things, but i figured i would get started in earnest next week anyway, once i had all of my furniture sorted. and i'm going to call the girl back about my car this weekend, so hopefully she'll buy it? argh, i'm so sick of dealing with it, especially now that the registration might be messed up because i didn't reregister it here? i just renewed it in florida in september, ugh, cars.

in less boring updates, i am so excited/scared for the book thief movie with kait next week? i've never had a movie trailer legit make me sob before, so this probably won't end well. and it's almost time for the kevin devine concert! and the secret someones concert, i should make a decision about that. i guess i'll see how things go next week and take it from there? at least having too many concerts to go to is pretty much my favorite problem to have.