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1. i have officially been offered a job! there was a mix-up with my background check and everyone knows my last employer is KIND OF A SHITSHOW* so i was a little nervous, but my recruiter got in touch with me on thursday. a spot opened up in the october group and i was cleared for hiring, so they bumped me up and i start 10/27. this messes up all sorts of plans i already had but i am really excited about starting so whatever.

2. florida this weekend though!! i'm so excited to see my friends and go to jess's wedding and eat a sub from publix and ride the hogwarts express!

3. i was supposed to be going on an increasingly terrible sounding vacation with my family in november**, but now i start in october and can't take days off so my mom reminded me that i told her i would come home for a week this month if my job started early. i need to talk to my parents about it a little more, but that's probably going to happen so i'll get to see the kids and my grandparents and everyone else.

4. AND taking time off for that will make me feel better about scheduling an appointment with my stupid hand doctor, because my hands are...not really getting better anymore. the numbness is gone and the grip strength is back, but i still can't fully straighten my fingers (and i feel like they're getting worse) and more often than not my right hand is rather claw-like when i wake up and won't really function until after i take a shower. they don't hurt (unless i, like an idiot, trip and catch myself by pressing my hand against a wall ha ha that was terrible) and functionally they're fine. i'm mostly worried that if they get worse i won't be able to do anything about it because no days off for six months. (i'm also still mildly concerned that my hands are exhibiting early signs of rheumatoid arthritis or this other weird disease that will literally turn my hand into a claw but that i don't currently meet the treatment requirements for.) anyway, maybe the occupational therapist will be able to offer some stretching exercises or something.

4b. i'm also a little worried that the cold is making them worse (it's been getting chilly here and our heat hasn't come on yet) which doesn't bode well for the winter or like, the rest of my life.

*they laid off half the office staff, including my whole dept, and lost two of their biggest contracts this year. so i clearly escaped at the right time.

**i love my family, i do, but they're renting a house in a still unknown location (last choices: somewhere in texas or daytona) where they would all golf and fish and do other boring things. while the seven of us shared a house. and one car. and ate every meal together. i was only going because my mom kept guilting me into it because it's my dad's 70th birthday. when i told him i was sorry i couldn't go he said he was jealous, which is also what he tells me whenever i can't come home for a holiday. heh.
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