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a pioneer woman without a frontier

-con was great, it was the best, the literal best, i keep tearing up when i think about how perfect it was, etc etc.

-(except i didn't get to hang out with orlando enough, I DIDN'T EVEN YELL ABOUT ROBIN HOOD WITH EM, UGH, WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY OTHER FRIENDS)

-i bought my work friend j. a gryffindor necklace from sparkle for her birthday/a con souvenir. so i just rolled it up in the bag and handed it to her and turned toward my computer and when i looked back she was crying because it was so perfect?? i am terrible at presents so that made me really happy. (c. refused to eat the adorable cookie i got her because she didn't want to eat 11's face, and she yelled at me for giving her my copy of pretty deadly because now i don't have a signed one. so i guess now i HAVE to go to heroescon, what a shame, my life is hard.)

-it is my birthday! it's been kind of a shit week and i was pretty cranky at work today but i have an awesome new unicorn dress and i got a bunch of great cards and naomi made me cupcakes and had her sister sew THE MOST ADORABLE UNIKITTY PLUSHIE EVER and also i had sushi and like, talked to my whole family. so i'm less cranky now.

-but i sort of got a job? i guess? idk, when i started this post last weekend i included stuff about my interview at member service, but now that was almost a week ago and they have sort of hired me. so originally in august i applied for a spot in their september group, but i needed time off in october for jess's wedding so they bumped me back to their october class. which was annoying, but whatever. but then they called me on tuesday to say they were going to offer me a job, but the october class was full so they had to wait on details for the november class. i am still pretty upset and my depression's been bad all week so it's just been...not good. i had only told two of my friends and one of my supervisors about the offer, but today two of the people who did most of my training found out and both of them were really excited for me so that made me feel a little better. ms is a step below our department and people have been half-jokingly talking about how i need to stick it out and wait for an offer from our dept, and i just keep getting angrier about how shitty they treat the temps and how i don't want to work for people who think that's an acceptable way to treat me. i got treated like shit for six years in orlando, and it's not asking too much for a job where i don't get treated like that.

-so anyway, job! i can't take any days off for six months after starting though which is one of the reasons i am so mad the start date keeps getting pushed back. i haven't seen my family (except for my parents) since mlk day, i haven't seen my brothers in almost a year, my godson STARTED SCHOOL THIS WEEK and i'm going to miss christmas with him two years in a row, my grandparents were both in the hospital this summer... i like not seeing my family all the time, but i really hate never seeing them at all :/

-(i'm still planning on heroescon though. i love my family and all but COMICS.)
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