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a pioneer woman without a frontier

second surgery went well, can't believe it's almost con, etc etc.

i listened to the wizard of oz audiobook (narrated by anne hathaway) post-surgery. i fell asleep several times during the second half, but that was sort of the intention. (i did half after each surgery.) then i watched the movie about six times in a row.

i'm also listening to the grisha audiobooks by leigh bardugo. the narrator is pretty great, the story is okay. i'm somewhere in the second one, idk. i wish the audible app would tell me what percentage i have left. i feel like there's a lot of wasted potential in these books, but i can also see why other people are crazy about them.

temporarily not reading rogues cos it's horrible and i just can't make myself do it right now. reading magic breaks instead and ha ha I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH UGH. at the beginning of the book kate is talking about taking a two week vacation with her fiance and then coming back for christmas with the pack and i was just like "i would read the shit out of that, why are there even bad guys in these books anymore i just want family time." anyway the bad guy just showed up so i guess family christmas shenanigans are off the table :(

i watched orange is the new black. loved the first season, liked parts of the second season. i know, i know, but it got too heavy for me. i liked it more when it was low stakes drama and not high stakes smashing someone's face in with a lock. i am very predictable in my tv needs.

hm, what else. read the first young avengers trade, need to go back to hub and get the rest. i also want to finish FF before con (i have a few issues left that i've been avoiding) and read another cap book or two. i also need to decide if i'm going to attempt the new lev grossman book before con. on the one hand, the blurb sounds terrible, but on the other hand i am kind of invested in this 'verse and want closure. (i should also try to read the new stephanie perkins before con maybe? but i kind of want to save it for when i'm grumpy because her books are perfect anti-grump books for me.)

no word on the jobs except that apparently half the temps in my department applied for them. i kind of hope they hire a lot of us and my current department crashes and burns, but i kind of don't want to keep working with these other terrible temps anymore. so.
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