a pioneer woman without a frontier (barbed_whispers) wrote,
a pioneer woman without a frontier

hand surgery #1 happened last week! the worst part of the whole thing was the panic attack i had coming out of the anesthesia, otherwise it's been fine if annoying. i have the stitches/bandage on my right hand til the 13th, at which point they remove all of that and cut into my left hand. the right hand looks gross (it's bruised all to hell) but it hurts less than the carpal tunnel did. unfortunately, the carpal tunnel in my left hand has gotten a lot worse because it's the only hand i've got now so i have to use it constantly, but it's only for another week and a half! and then i'll have hands! sort of!

also on wednesday i got a response on an application i had sent in the day before for a member service position. i did the first level interview thursday. if they hire me, i won't start til october but at least it's something. and after 18 months i can try to transfer to a different dept? meh. i'm encouraging my work gf to also apply and get dumped in the october group with me so at least i won't be alone with weirdo member service people.

other than that i've just been sleeping a lot. idk if this is a post-surgery thing or what, but i napped on and off all day wed, thurs, and sat. i worked on friday but i was exhausted all day. and i could have slept all day today but i knew i'd regret it tomorrow. need more nappppps.

(also saw guardians on friday with kait! i liked it? the parts that were good were very very good, but there were a lot of parts that were boring or shitty or out of place too so...whatever. definitely not my fave. i liked it about as much as i expected to, i guess. maybe a little less since it felt like the talking raccoon had more lines than all the ladies in the movie combined. (haha "all" there were like 6.))
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