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hand surgery might be happening next week! or might not be, idek anymore. i scheduled it and requested time off work but my doctor hasn't called me back to do the paperwork or set up my pre-surgery appointment to see if i'm allergic to anesthesia or whatever so. yep. (last friday she told me i needed to get both hands done in the next month to have any chance of reversing the nerve damage, this week she's not returning my calls. and no, i literally cannot afford to find a new doctor, both in terms of money (ha ha my pcp just left the practice i'd have to start from scratch with a new pcp and a million more specialist appointments) and time (permanent nerve damage woo!) so long story short carpal tunnel is terrible and i hope you never get it.)

on the other hand, i was able to hold a pen long enough to draw a tiny winter soldier on my work notebook on monday. i haven't been able to hold a pen long enough to write down a phone number for at least three months, so that was pretty exciting! and now i get to look at his dumb little face all day and remember that someday i'll have hands again, maybe someday soon, maybe by next month. (probably not by next month, the nerve damage is pretty extensive and heals at the rate of ~1 inch per month.) (so maybe by christmas.)

okay so in other news, ha ha, they decided not to post the position in my department and just gave it to one of the other temps. ha. they announced it today, they gave it to my friend, and like the first thing he did was tell me he was sorry he couldn't tell me sooner. i found out on monday and was pretty upset, but having a couple days to settle with the news made it a lot easier to be genuinely happy for him today. (and i AM happy for him, i think he'll be great! i'm just still super-pissed that they didn't let me interview so they could turn me down to my face.) URGH. several perm people have already registered their displeasure at my not getting hired though, which is nice. (and like, it's a budget thing, i get it. but they already told us that the contractor we work with fucked up so badly this year and had to renew their contract at a major discount to us, so that money should be going back into our department! for more staff! which we desperately need!) (the other temp who was on everyone's short list has been there even longer than my friend, so i kind of wonder if she's going to quit over this.)

(i have no yet heard back on the position i applied for in another department, so keeping my fingers metaphorically crossed for that. but these things come in threes, and between m. and this TOTAL IDIOT who just got hired for a position in member service* i'm hoping for the best.)

but in much happier news it's almost time for d*c!! i get to see my friends! and buy more art! and meet kelly sue! i'm wearing this dress for my carol closet cosplay and i'm supes excited. i need to get red shoes (anyone have shoe store recs? i prefer flats or super-tiny heels) and maybe gloves and figure out how to incorporate a kree star (headband/fascinator thing? prob?) and maybe paint that clear cell phone case that i bought ages ago. and i need to buy a carry-on suitcase with wheels, i don't think i can manage traveling with the duffel bag anymore, i am too old and full of useless hands.

*DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on how when i applied to MS i got a polite form letter saying thanks but no thanks and THIS IDIOT got TWO INTERVIEWS and a JOB OFFER HOW IS THIS EVEN REALITY
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