a pioneer woman without a frontier (barbed_whispers) wrote,
a pioneer woman without a frontier

i posted a hand update on tumblr, but the short version is that everything is still terrible and i have at least two more appointments. UGH, HANDS.

okay but in less terrible news, someone in my department announced today that they are transferring to another department, which means we will have an open position, which i can apply for. and a couple of the perm people spent all of last week arguing about which part of her job i'm going to choose to do when i get hired. (when they tried to get me to decide, i told them to stop putting the cart before the horse since i still have to apply and interview and, you know, GET AN OFFER. but i'm glad they have so much confidence in me.) so i need to clean up my resume a bit and get ready cos that position will hopefully get posted next week. so fingers crossed for that. (this is extra exciting since i've been talking with a few of the other temps about taking hits out on some of the perm people. MAYBE IT WON'T COME TO THAT.) (some of them are pretty bad at their jobs though. just saying.)

and sunday is say anything! with momebie! and maybe my fake but not imaginary girlfriend! (she refused to let me take a picture of her holding a newspaper to put on the internet, apparently that is a weird request.)
Tags: life: my hands are the worst, work: da ba di da

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