a pioneer woman without a frontier (barbed_whispers) wrote,
a pioneer woman without a frontier

an update, i guess?

-i'm trying not to whine about this all over the place, but my hands have been pretty messed up since valentine's day (ish) and it's been painful and terrible and i miss having hands that work. i've been to the doctor four times now and i have three more appointments scheduled, so you know it's serious. the last doctor (dr. asshole) said that i have severe carpal tunnel and probably need surgery, but since his name is dr. asshole i'm sure you can guess how i feel about his opinion. i'm seeing a hand doctor (and my pcp) this week, and a neurologist in a few weeks (probably, unless the hand doctor says that's unnecessary), but my pain levels are a lot lower than they have been so whatever. hands! typing! i still can't hold a pen! wee!

-work is good! i got a mini-promotion and raise, i talked to my manager about some of my problems, i really like the people i work with and the work that we do, and despite a small issue where i considered setting some people on fire last week it's all been going well. (and those people had it coming. WHAT KIND OF LGBT GROUP LISTS THE A AS BEING FOR ALLIES?) well, going okay, i still make shit pay and would like a permanent position. but i'm working on it.

-boston is great! my friends here are obviously A++ and having kl here now is so wonderful and i even have a new (fake) girlfriend already who SOME people think i might be making up. i really love boston and feeling like i'm where i belong, i already can't imagine living anyplace else. (of course, i am also REALLY EXCITED to see all of my other friends this fall, it feels like i spend a lot less time jabbering at people about dumb shit here.)

-i survived winter! i know some people were concerned but i was fine, and i'm already making lists of things i need to survive next year. (better boots, mostly, my snow boots fucked up my knee SO BADLY.) anyway now it's summer and we're planning a birthday party for steve rogers and basically life is gr9.
Tags: life: i live in boston now!, life: my hands are the worst, work: da ba di da

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