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random things!

-currently listening to the true meaning of smekday audiobook! it is so great! it's really fun, the narrator is AWESOME, the characters are delightful, etc etc. it's still a little more effort for me to listen to audiobooks because i'm so easily distracted, but i really like being able to close my eyes and half-nap on my way to work while listening to a story.

-currently reading rogues. scott lynch's story was A++ (obviously) and i started joe abercrombie's story today and it's like a D-. i've been hearing not so great things about the rest of the stories in this collection, but my deep and abiding love for fantasy thieves means i will at least try to read them all. i'm also reading all the captain america books that i borrowed from kl, slowly but surely. these people are dumb, etc etc.

-i have it on good authority that the job will be posted next week. i really really want it, i don't think i have ever been this nervous about applying for something. (i want it both because i like my coworkers and my job and all that, and also because if i don't get it i am forcing myself to find work elsewhere because i can't keep temping here indefinitely. i'm getting pretty bitter/angry about the whole temping thing.)

-saw the neurologist today, she cleared me for surgery. i'm seeing the hand doctor again next friday. at my last appointment with her, she made it sound like the only thing stopping her from cutting into my hands at that moment was that i needed a neurology consult, so. this might be happening? soon? gah. i am nervous/excited.

-so in more exciting news, i commissioned a sabetha piece from an artist i love and i decided that after d*c i'm going to take down some of the art in my room and only hang art that is by or of ladies (or unicorns) so that is going to be awesome. i'm going to look for stuff at d*c to fill some of the gaps and then redo everything. this will coincide nicely with resigning the lease. (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS ALMOST TIME TO RESIGN OUR LEASE???)

-thinking about a tea party for my birthday this year, cos then we can all be extra cute while eating tiny sandwiches. i've heard a rumor about a tea party on a boat on the charles?? so i'm going to investigate that.


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Jul. 15th, 2014 02:28 pm (UTC)
I wonder how much art we can find by unicorns. Hm...

Oh hey! Having to have surgery sucks, but the good news is when my dad had wrist surgery for carpal tunnel his wrists and hands felt better than before afterwards, so fingers crossed it's kind of like that.
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